The Story

Wildcard – the card in the deck, the piece of the puzzle, or the unforeseen strategy that is the game changer. It represents the element of surprise, and comes with a sense of mystery. We never quite know when it’s going to strike, and what it will mean for us. It’s precisely why we chose this name for our cafe. We aim to be unlike any other card in the deck. A little like villains don’t you think?

Villains too represent something that cannot quite be defined. We all know the hero is going to save the day. But, we never quite know what the villain’s next move is. It’s not predictable. They’re different, and flawed and realistic. It’s why we love them so much. They are the wildcards of a story.

Okay, so that’s all great…but why did we want to start a board game cafe? Well, how else can an aspiring villain hope to attain world domination? Playing Risk of course. But other than the evil mastermind plotting, we love games because they have the power to put our minds to good use, get us to think outside of the regular grind and they bring friends and family together to have fun. Other than the “minor” disagreements over where all the Monopoly money is really going, or who’s stealing the resources in