Ever Heard of Chocolate Nachos?

So, we all know and love the traditional nachos. They go well with a good sports game, a night out with friends, or even a good board game session. Over the years, the nacho has evolved. From traditional tortilla chips, cheese and veggies, to flavoured chicken and various dips, it has come a long way. There are butter chicken nachos, pizza nachos…well you get the point right? We decided to take this evolution one step forward, by converting this beloved snack into dessert.

You read that right, dessert. Now we’re sure you may have experimented with this in the past, but we created the perfect blend of sweet and salty. We would like to introduce, Chocolate Nachos. The salty crunchiness of tortilla chips, infused with chocolate batter, melted milk chocolate, salted caramel and butterscotch chips and topped with chocolate sauce and light caramel drizzle. Does that sound like a sensory overload? Well, it’s what we’re aiming for. This brand new dish, is for the adventurous foodie. It’s a unique combination of flavours that will change the way you dessert. It’s ‘nacho’ ordinary snack…alright we’ll stop.

We are currently experimenting with vegan options, and will update you on our success shortly.