We welcome small and large groups alike, as long as we have space to accommodate. If you are anticipating a large group, we recommend 2-3 hours prior to reserve a table, we will try our best to hold a spot for you.

We encourage a family-friendly environment, therefore, we refrain from serving alcohol. You will find several other drinks on our menu that are equally complementary to the gaming experience.

Unlimited gameplay for guests over age 10 will be $5.5o. Kids under 10 will have a cover of $3.00.

Stay Wild & Game On


Ever Heard of Chocolate Nachos?

So, we all know and love the traditional nachos. They go well with a good sports game, a night out with friends, or even a good board game session. Over the years, the nacho has evolved. From traditional tortilla chips, cheese and veggies, to flavoured chicken and various dips, it…

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Introducing Carrom

A staple in many South Asian households, Carrom can be best defined as the game of pool, played with fingers. With a maximum of four players, and several different gaming styles, Carrom tests your aim and hand-eye-coordination. Aim the striker piece at the black and white playing pieces on the…

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Ethnic Food

We are proud to to celebrate global cuisines by bringing food that represents the diversity Brampton celebrates. Our menu offers a selection of ethnic and fusion dishes that are sure to satisfy your tastebuds Indian Savoury Samosas Bites Filled with potato, cheese and spices, garnished with tamarind sauce and parsley…

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